Wednesday, 2 January 2008


Some time ago I followed a link from another regional site and finished up on Jonathan Hemlocks site. Poor old Jonathan must have been raised by a pack of Private Eye journalists, such was the degree of political satire which characterised his site. Using well doctored pictures and very funny captions, his blog made excellent and uplifting reading. Low and behold, it has disappeared. I have checked my link and followed the details from other sites and keep arriving at the same message “Page Not Found”. I can’t believe he has just given up the ghost, and as his site was very popular, perhaps someone out there knows where he has decanted to. If you have any information, post a comment please and let me know.

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Bryan said...

While you are on the subject of all things defunct, I don’t suppose you know or remember the precise route of the Newcastle city marathon? I’m going to write a blog about it and I can remember a lot of it but my memory is a bit vague on some of the details.
Thanks, Bryan.