Thursday, 24 January 2008

You heard it here second!

The Shields Gazette web site is already reporting their initial coverage of tonight’s full council meeting, which is not a bad preamble to what will follow in tomorrows full edition. I seem to remember that I told you it was worth hanging around for.

More to follow on this site on what the Gazette cant report!

Council meeting abandoned amid angry stand-off

A COUNCIL meeting was abandoned tonight (Thursday) after chaos erupted in the packed public gallery.

At one point, a council executive even threatened to call the police after the public refused to leave under the orders of the Mayor.Throughout the full council's monthly meeting, members of the public continually interrupted proceedings with a stinging barrage of criticisms.But after four hours the verbal sparring became too much, and South Tyneside Mayor, Coun Tracey Dixon, asked the public to leave, with the meeting adjourned for five minutes to allow them to exit.

But despite her pleas, the crowd of around 20 people refused to move, and even the threat of police action from one executive was ignored, and the Mayor was forced to abandon the meeting.

The meeting will be continued at a later date, to be chosen by the Mayor.

For the latest updates and reaction, see tomorrow's Gazette.


The Badger said...

Can anyone confirm the identity of the skin head look alike in the public gallery? He seemed to be deep in conversation with Neil, Bob, Doreen, Ann and the tall skinny women with the spiked hair, who has recently joined the party and now sits on the board of South Tyneside Homes.

For a minute I thought the BNP had made an appearance complete with jack boots, combat fatigues and bomber jacket. I was shocked to hear that it might have been the borough’s very own fading right wing blogger, Curly, aka Graham Rigg. Can anyone confirm this as my eyesight is not as good as it used to be?

PETER SHAW said...

The Badger resurfaces; no doubt you have a hang over after last nights meeting. Was it you who leaked the emails to the Gazette about Waggot? What will your cabinet colleagues say when your ID is revealed? If you’re after the Council leadership, who will trust you when they find out what you have done?

On subject of said Curly, he is wrong in what he says, but he has a right to say it. People like you would stop him.

The Badger said...

Never got chance for a beer, I was knackered. I did though see Ernie shuffling across the road in the direction of the Britannia with his buddy George.