Monday, 21 January 2008

Private Eye Rotten Borough Awards

Not the type of award you want to win, but the Private Eye this week dished out its Rotten Borough gongs. Nominations in the “Democrat of the Year” category included West Somerset, Bournemouth and one South Tyneside. The Eye describes the Borough as being the area where “the council covered up for six months the fact that 18 ballot boxes had gone missing after the local May elections”. Unfortunately (or fortunately if your Brian T Scott, Returning Officer) South Tyneside was outclassed by Waltham Forest and the case of Miranda Grell, who managed to overturn her Liberal rivals majority by alleging that he was a paedophile.

This is South Tyneside’s first appearance in this event, and word on the streets is that the council is training very, very hard for next years awards!

Many thanks to “The Badger” for pointing out the omission from the “Little Eye” post of However, I always intended to cover this issue as a separate item. But thanks anyway for paying close attention to The Northern Herald. It is always good to know that at lease one Cabinet Member is paying attention to what is going on in the Borough!


The Badger said...

Not all of us are proud of what has been going of late in South Tyneside, particularly the in fighting that is slowly poisoning the party. For the sake of every true socialist I would say to colleagues stop your jockeying for positions of power before your greed strangles what little hope the rest of us have left.

PETER SHAW said...

Ah Badger, you have been busy again this week. You must have a couple of Committee meetings coming up. How will you vote on certain issues, or more to the point, how have your Cabinet members instructed you to vote? Youre not a Badger, you’re a sheep – a sheep in Badgers clothing, now there’s a good one! Never mind, your flock is about to be increased by three more lambs to the slaughter.

Rob Hopcott said...

It could be that West Somerset has turned over a new leaf in its country lanes since the Independents ousted the long established Tories May 2007.

Six months on and the bad news that has been hidden so long is still coming out about the finances.

Hopefully, the new, albeit temporary, acting chief executive will be like a breath of sea air to our sorely troubled Local Authority.