Friday, 25 January 2008

Setting the record straight

I have received a series of emails from members of the public to the TheNorthernHeraldNewsDesk@Yahoo.Com email address. Most senders were present at the Council meeting on Thursday and all object to being classified as “lunatics”. With at least one member promising legal action to clear his name (he is a solicitor, so it shouldn’t cost him too much) perhaps you should take heed Councillor Waggot.

However, some very pertinent issues have been raised about the meeting, with some comments about posts which have been made on other regional sites also highlighted (I wish people would comment through the accepted mechanism. However, my email system offers “anonymity”, so I guess their not happy having their names in print. No problem)

Anyway, here we go at answering a couple of queries.


For the record, I have no problem with the Mayor’s conduct re the Council meeting. She gave the Branleys equal opportunity to cover all issues, and she appeared embarrassed with her own members conduct. Neither was she the brunt of the publics discontent – I myself often heard the comment “It’s not your fault Mayor” coming from the public gallery. She marshalled the meeting well, and considering that this was the greatest challenge to Labour hegemony since modern politics were recorded, she conducted herself with dignity, composure and honesty – she is also now part of a great historical record. However, as Mayor, she could have over ruled the 20 minute curtailment and she could have allowed disqualified motions to be put to the floor without the interference of the Chief Executive. There is a balance re her tenure, and you must make your own mind up.


“Why spell his name like this” was the query in the email. According to the people in the “know”, Councillor WAGGGOTTT complained that Councillor Branley failed to pronounce his name properly, and in an attempt to set the record straight, emphasised the syntax to Mr Branley. Since then, Councillor Branley has emphasised the pronunciation.


My god, if this is all the public have to complain about, we live in very privileged times. I wasn’t aware there was a dress code for Councillors. The Independents in question were well presented and though I didn’t sit next to them, I presume they didn’t smell! Attack them on their policy or arguments, but as to their clothes – if this is all you have, you’ve lost the argument!


All these comments were directed to the gallery by elected members, though WAGGGOTTT’s was at least in an email he presumed we wouldn’t see (what about the rest WAGGGOTTT!) For your information Councillor Maxwell, I have at least two Degree’s ( One a 1st in History) and numerous other South Tyneside Council accredited schemes initials after my name, all of which anagram to “Your Out”! Basically, I have common sense (no comment on the lunatic bit though!) so watch what you say at the next meeting!


Of course the Branleys understand the Constitution, but as an email received clearly points out, this was not why the Branleys constantly referred to Brian T Scott for judgement (they thought he was asleep, but no, thats how he looks!) It was a political point: “if its going to be ruled out of order, at least let him make the decision!” Those of you who didn’t understand this tactic shouldn’t really pass judgement on it!


Poor sods, characterised by their names, but no respect paid to them because they are man and wife. Unlike of course WAGGGOTTT and Malcolm, who are brought together under the banner of “The Chuckle Brothers”. Or indeed, WAGGGOTT and WAGGGOTTT CO, a team who by all accounts, either don’t know what Ward there in, or what (lunatic) Ward there in (think about it)!

Never mind here we go…..

I have in the past attacked the Branleys – they have previously not attended the level of meetings they should have done and this has caused me problems. I do however notice that their attendance rate has increased, possibly no doubt in relation to the level of support and encouragement they now receive from the public.
(Trust me, I know what it is like to oppose within a wilderness – I have experience of living in the Cleadon and East Boldon Ward!) They are now more vocal, more diligent and more attacking than they have been for years – the difference is they now have an organised and coherent structure behind them. This is the reason why the “Progressives” have been encouraged to break their bonds with the Alliance and its popular movement – they fear accountability (the attack coming from a source who isn’t even elected!)

So there you have it, a clarification on the “chaos” of South Tyneside Council’s last meeting. However, I don’t think for one moment that this is the last time we will be addressing the issue.

Now, what has Ian Dale to say on the matter, or better still, what will the Private Eye make on the recent developments, together with the absence of the Conservative Leader of the Group of Rock, Paper, Scissors…….never mind, that’s for another day.


Geordie Super K said...

I guess you don't have a degree in English language or spelling then?

PETER SHAW said...

I have never made any apologies for my lack of spelling ability etc. Instead is has become a trade mark!

But thanks for reading it anyway. Hopefully some of it might sink in, but in your case, I doubt it!

Spell Checker said...

What's your degree in then geordie super k, imagination, humour or just plain gob sh***?

Michael said...

Howay super k, it's a blog, not an academic essay.