Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Sounding the Gong!

Yesterday I highlighted how the rumour mill was doing forward roles with the news that all three Liberal Democrat councillors in the Borough were going to cross the floor of the council Chamber, retire from representational politics and join the Labour Party contingent. What is also “doing the rounds” is the scurrilous story that the reason the Chief Executive, South Tyneside Council, was awarded the CBE is because she will soon depart for pastures new: her gong being in recognition for her sterling work at the helm of the Borough.

Tittle tattle, rumour or innuendo? Perhaps. But the tale gains momentum when her next post is outlined. Put it this way, the next time she ply’s her trade she will make a pretty sovereign. The Honours list has always had an element of “here’s your reward before you retire” about it, so at least of couple of the jigsaw pieces fit. You’ll need some form of strategy to fit the rest together.

We all know that certain Executives at the Council enjoy the odd perusal of regional sites such as this, you know, to see what “they can pick up”. A word of warning – I understand from a source close to home that some of you are on fixed contracts i.e. 5 years, and not permanent ones.

You know what they say about a new broom?

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