Tuesday, 15 January 2008


Dear Diary

Up early this morning, round about 6 a.m. First cup of coffee…. Mix of Espresso bean and an organic Brazilian blend. Toasted slices of home made wholemeal bread with chives. Does life get any better?

Sit down at PC, log on to internet. Check out the news on Times Online….. headline……

“Revealed: £1 Billion Olympics Black Hole”.

Why oh why do they do it to me?

According to today’s Time’s, the government has greatly miscalculated how much money it will recoup from the sale of land etc after the 2012 Games have finished. The London development Agency now believes that the envisaged £1.8 billion sale value now equates to about £800, £1 billion less than the amount put on the table by Ken Livingstone, the mayor of London, and Tessa Jowell, the Olympic Minister.

Land sale revenue was earmarked to repay money “borrowed” from the National Lottery, money which would then be ploughed back into sporting ventures which had suffered due to lack of funding in the period prior to the Games. This will not now happen.

Over the many months I have been posting, the financial figures re the Olympics have been getting more and more ridiculous. The whole scenario should be the subject of a public enquiry. Its management and planning is characterised by incompetence, financial mis-management, dubious proclamations and dare I be the first to say it, political cover up.

May I be the first to give publicity to the new Olympic 2012 motto:

“London Olympics 2012: Sponsored by Northern Rock”


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