Sunday, 13 January 2008


Bird fanciers from up and down the country flocked to Fellgate and Hedworth Ward this week when reports circulated that a “stool pigeon” had been seen in the area. Seldom seen in this country, the Stool is known to frequent local elections. Distantly related to the famous “stooge” bird, the Stool can be taught the catch phrase “Vote for Me, Vote for Me!”

A local twitcher, who would only be identified as “Doris”, said “the Stool Pigeon is a marvellous bird. It does what you want, then flies away never to be seen again. I think it has a nest in the Grey Hound Pub, but it will vacate it on the 5th May.”

The last time a stool pigeon was seen in the north east, it was having a bath in a “fountain”, a popular watering hole for this type of bird.

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