Tuesday, 8 January 2008


Today’s Gazette has once again resurrected the haunting spectre of “BRENDA” with the news that the Council have refused to reveal who used South Tyneside property to make the allegation against sisters Karen Nicholson and Geraldine White. You can read David McLean’s excellent article by following the link below (or cut/paste it to your browser).


The paint is clearly not dry on this issue, and civil proceedings look inevitable. A judge will not fall for the smoke screen of the Data Protection Act as it was not designed to act as a camouflage for those who want to make slanderous comments. Neither will the judiciary look leniently on the guilty party when the case goes to court, especially since the perpetrator in question has had ample time to come forward, offer an apology and end the matter.

Nobody expected this issue to be topical at Christmas, never mind into the New Year. Clearly, this is only the beginning, and with local elections coming up, somebody, somewhere, is going to get some pretty bad publicity when their identity is revealed.

Determined not to let such statements be made again via their property, rumour has it the Council hierarchy have approached a certain “security” company with a view to fitting an “entry” system into the members lounge. Clearly an indication as to who they hold accountable for the whole episode, their actions do beggar the question – who controls this council, councillors or the executive?

Restricting access to their tea lady - that’s interference in the democratic process!

What say you know Mr Badger? Looks like your set is out of bounds.

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