Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Crossing Closed

Today’s Gazette carries the staggering news that the Liberal Democrat contingent will NOT be crossing the Chamber and sitting with the Labour Party. Apparently they are quite happy with the seats they have thank you.

This is of course, how nasty rumours start and it only goes to show you shouldn't always believe what drunken Councillors say in pubs when they think nobody who knows a thing or two is listening. Perhaps we should take this a stage further, and not believe what sober Councillors say when they think etc etc etc.

As one of illustrious representatives once said “Do You Know Who I Am?”.


Ahmed Khan said...

Haven’t you heard Peter, according to some idiot I too am about to join the Labour throng! Yes apparently I will be their official candidate in Beacon and Bents in 2 years time when it seems John Anglin will stand down.

Come on Westy surely even you realise there’s more chance of your mate Waggott inviting the Malcolm’s round for Christmas dinner. Anyhow at least the Lib Dems can sleep easy tonight knowing that the rumour mill has moved on … any ideas where it might stop next?

Bryan said...

How would we have spotted the difference anyway!