Friday, 25 January 2008

Time to go!

So it’s now official and finally confirmed, Councillor Waggot has no respect for the public or the people who voted for him. His leaked emails show he considers anybody who challenges the Labour cohort at the Town Hall as “lunatics”. He also has no friends or supporters: this leak came from within the Cabinet and originated from his so called colleagues. They obviously find him as odious as the public do.

If this is how he views the electorate, what has he said about them on other issues?

Like Hain, his resignation is only around the corner, but he will spend the rest of his tenure looking over his shoulder for his mole, or should I say “Badger”.

Either way, Council Leader Paul Waggot is a spent force, a liability to the ruling elite. With the election looming, “retire” now and save face, what you have left anyway!

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Maggies Boy said...

Am trying to contact a former far right wing activist called Worley or Cruelly. His last known whereabouts was somewhere in a district called Stanhope or Chichester in South Shields, England. Can anyone help?