Friday, 18 January 2008


Last summer Gordon Brown promised to reward Britain’s unsung heroes. Here then are some recipients of Brown’s “gongs” together with what they did to earn them!

ALAN GARWOOD – CBE – outgoing head of Defence Export Sales Organisation at the MOD. “Seriously” questioned under caution by the Serious Fraud Office when it was looking at the BAE Scandal.

MURRAY EASTERN – CBE – Boss of BAE’s submarine division who are £1.22 billion over budget completing the Astute Class subs.

VIC EMERY – OBE – Boss of BAE, currently over budget for the Type 45 Destroyer to the tune of £989 million, plus 3 years late.

RICHARD SUMMERSGILL – CBE – Director of Child Benefits and tax credits at the Revenue. Remember the discs?

BRENDAN FOSTER – CBE – he of Great North Run fame and Observer article wondering where the charity money had gone. Chairman of Nova International which sells the rights of the run to the BBC. For good measure Foster goes on to present the TV coverage, even though BBC guidelines state that presenters must have no substantial connection with products and firms concerned with the stories they are covering.

IAN MCALLISTER – KNIGHT OF THE REALM – credited with improving rail network “beyond recognition”. To true, who can forget Boxing Day delays!

STUART ROSE – KNIGHT OF THE REALM – In the year Brown promised British jobs for British workers, he gave a gong to a man who turned his business around by importing 90% of its clothing stock from abroad!

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