Thursday, 24 January 2008

Police on the march

With varying figures reported for yesterdays police march, 25000 participants seems to be the accepted turnout. With over ¾ of police on duty at any one time, this is quite a presence on the streets.

To loose the support of the police can only lead to more head aches for Gordon Brown. Not only does it lead to poor morale on the streets, but it alienates the public who are well aware of the problems and issues facing the average policeman plying the beat. Labour is steadily running out of support for its disjointed and arbitrary policy towards public sector workers. Not only that, it has shown that it cannot be relied upon to honour arbitration decisions, forcing more unions to ballot for strike action rather than pursue conciliation measures.

As a side note, many police arrived and the march 3 hours late, claiming they only just received the call. Some officers phoned up to ask if the marchers were still hanging around the corners and did they have any drink.

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