Thursday, 31 January 2008


Whilst the South Tyneside Council reconvened full meeting and EGM will go ahead tomorrow, I think we will see a different type of affair to the last ones. The public will still be there, but as they have been “gagged” by Brian T Scott, they will be refusing to utter one single word. Nor will the Independent councillors, who as a protest against the removal of their constitutional right to field questions to any type of full council meeting, will also boycott the meeting. This means that all motions will either fail to be proposed and seconded, or go through on the nod without any discussion or dissent. The same will apply to any minutes outstanding from sub committees. The public themselves will also have a little, but peaceful, surprise, for those who remain on the other side of the Chamber.

However, I wouldn’t think that this is the end of the affair – I have seen the question roster for February, and believe me, some people are going to have some very sleepless nights.


Anonymous said...

Peter The Question in tonights Gazette. Are councillors Right to boycot a meeting they Called? Yes or No ? With way will you vote.
The Reason Im asking you this is, Because the result at the minute is 62% No And 38% yes... Odd.

Bryan said...

The Branley’s not attending a council meeting…… sounds like business as usual!

PETER SHAW said...

Sorry, anon, I am not avoiding your question but will post a full reply soon.


I have nothing against that sentiment as I have in the past been critical of this fact. However, when your in the wilderness.....perhaps now they feel they have the support behind them.

two down one to go said...

bryan , do as Cllr Mcatominey says and check the records at the library and you will find that a lot of the Labour squad dont attend their meetings, Strike, Scorer, Lewell, i could go on.

crutchie said...

Peter, How did you vote?

PETER SHAW said...

Take an educated guess. Mr Shaw....he say yes!