Thursday, 31 January 2008

Merry Go Round

Whilst the vagaries of South Tyneside Council dominate local press and blog site headlines, there is another world out there, and today’s Time’s gives us a little peep at what the over 60’s are up to. With the heading “No kidding, a play ground for the over 60’s”, I initially thought the reporter must have utilised the Councillors Chamber at the Town Hall. No, wrong venue! The playground in question is Charlestown, Manchester, and it contains a ski walker, the swinger and the see saw, all designed for the older element who want to have a bit of fun and a chat.

Costing £15000 (financed by Council grants and local housing association contributions) the facilities have been a success.

With some of our own more mature Councillors all ready involved in a right old merry go round, perhaps a few facilities like this in the Borough might help them get out of there seats!

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