Monday, 21 January 2008

The Rumbling Rumour Mill

A cheeky little email to the Northern Herald news desk has shed more light on the possible demise of the Liberal Democrat Party in the Borough. Apparently, Abbot, Atkinson and McKie, a firm of solicitors if ever there was one, all plan to walk the plank and fall into the murky sea inhabited by the Labour contingent.

Clearly concerned about the safety of their seats and the weakness of the Liberals nationally (who is their leader again?) the Councillors see their future more secure on the Labour bench.

If Abbot and Co seriously wish to resign their Liberal membership, they would do the Borough more service standing as independents. The last thing South Tyneside needs is the Labour hegemony boosted by another 3 seats.

Hopefully, Abbot and Co will think long and hard before they make any rash decisions.

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