Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Bean and Balderick: Demolition Experts At Your Service

Yet another wonderful Parliamentary sketch from Ann Treneman in today’s Times. Covering the Chancellors announcement in the Commons of the Northern rocks fate, Treneman states:

“A man with dodgy eyebrows cant to the Commons to tell us about a great deal that he wants to do with our money…It was like watching a new car salesman trying to get us to invest in a car that was in a terrible crash..it was a mess, has an unreliable engine, wonky breaks, no MOT and no insurance. It could cost billions. What a deal!”

Add to this the analogy of no driver and little chance of a good resale value on the second hand market, and you have a marvellous description. The depiction of Alistair Darling as a George Cole/St Trinians/Trigger (delete as appropriate re how far your memory goes back) it’s not only humorous, but very apt under the circumstance.

During his speech, Darling shouted “At least I have a plan”, to which Iain Duncan Smith (Cons) replied “I cannot tell you how much better we feel now that we know that the Chancellor Balderick has a cunning plan”.

The Tories may not be able to win an election, but with (Alas) Smith and Hague, they have the funniest front bench. Unlike of course Labour, whose front bench now consists of “Bean and Balderick: Demolition Experts. Businesses Broken Up And Sold At Your Pleasure”.

It may be time for Curly at his Corner (Photo) Shop to once again super impose some heads on to the bodies of our illustrious PM and his side kick Chancellor. After all, not only was Rowan Atkinson “Bean”, but he was also “Blackadder”, Balderick’s puppet master.

Conspiracy theorists gaze in awe!


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