Thursday, 10 January 2008


Anyway, I no longer have the “niggle” and I am happy to set the record straight on behalf of McMillan, Maxwell et all! Neither shall I be eating humble pie, though Mr Maxwell should consider a slice in view of his incorrect claims.

When Jack Straw, Justice Secretary, announced that the government would build a series of new jails to combat prison over crowding, the ink wasn’t even dry on his press statement before people were questioning his cost projections.

At yesterdays Commons Justice Select Committee, “Judge Jack” was forced to confirm that his initial estimate of £1.2 billion had been replaced by a one off err…..£2.3 billion. That’s nearly twice as much as he initially told us.

Yesterday probably wasn’t the best day Jack has ever had in politics. Not only forced to tell the truth about his new “Titan” jails, his amendment to the Criminal Justice Bill allowing the government to stop prison officers from striking, was voted against by 35 Labour rebels.

That’s 35 customers for the new jails then!

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