Monday, 28 January 2008

WAGGGOTTT on the spot!

The agenda for the reconvened full council meeting is available on the Councils web site. Also outlined, is the news that an EGM will follow the meeting, called to discuss a motion of no confidence in the Leader of the Council, Paul Waggott. Clearly, he has lost the confidence of the Borough. He has disgraced his position by referring to those who wish to challenge his party’s hegemony as “lunatics”, and deliberately encouraged a full time official to formulate a policy which would stop the public exercising their democratic right.

Here are the details, pre ambles etc, re the forthcoming meeting.

South Tyneside Council

You are hereby summoned to attend an Extraordinary meeting of the South Tyneside Metropolitan Borough Council to be held on Friday 1st February, 2008, at the rising of the re-convened adjourned Council Meeting, in the Town Hall, South Shields, for the transaction of the business indicated below:


1. Declarations of Interest

2. To consider the following motion:

Motion 1

“This Council has no confidence in the Leader of the Council to carry out the Council’s business and call upon Cllr Paul Waggott to resign”.


A Branley
J Branley
S Harrison
E Hetherington
L Nolan
M Robinson
V Thompson
G Waddle

Irene Lucas
Chief Executive


The Badger said...

It seems the borough's other blogger has got it wrong again This time he states the extraordinary meeting is before the reconvened council meeting and not after it. Perhaps in his eagerness to publish his ‘tip off’ he failed to check the facts. Well here is something else his sources have probably forgotten to mention, I am told that there were 2 motions and five public questions on the original request for the extraordinary meeting but for technical reasons only one motion is being allowed. I wonder if technical means let’s stop the lunatics from opening their mouths.

The Chuckle Brothers said...

So Mr B T Scott rules yet another motion concerning last year's elections out of order and refuses to let the public ask questions. Good on yeah BT another good day for democracy in South Tyneside.
I wonder if BT had a sad and lonely childhood, one that involved being locked away for hours by parents that cared little for him. This could help explain why he has turned into the spineless and attention seeking person that he has become. I wonder who his childhood heroes and role models were, how about: Mussolini, Polpot, Adolf Hitler, Stalin, Chairman Mao, Saddam Hussein, Tito and Tamerlane all whom were renowned for their ‘love’ of free speech and democracy, oh and cold blooded murder especially anyone that opposed them. Mind you having witnessed BT in action you can safely rule that one out, he hasn’t got the balls and even he could find rule in the constitution to justify that one. I almost forgot Mr Bean, if you’ve seen this clown in action you’ll know exactly what I mean.