Thursday, 10 January 2008


Word has reached the Northern Herald news desk that the Common Land Town and Village Green Committee has rejected Mr Ahmed Khan’s application to have certain coastal areas and municipal parks classified as village green areas, thereby protecting them from being sold or built on. The reasons for the rejection are not yet known.

Whilst the decision is inherently flawed, it is not unexpected. Anybody who was in attendance at yesterdays meeting could see that the Committee was channelling its debate in only one direction, and today this observation was confirmed.

So, is it the end this particular application. Not exactly and here’s why.

1) The prospect of a full judicial review re the committee’s proceedings.

2) A procedural review of the legal advice given to Councillor’s on the day by Council officials.

3) Failure to facilitate a political balance in the Committee structure.

4) Human rights abuses in that Mr Khan was not allowed to freely address issues raised by the Council and resubmit his application as specified by government legislation that covers this issue.

5) Despite the Committees rejection of Mr Khan’s application, it does not stop other people from submitting similar requests.

Anybody who has witnessed Mr Khan’s tenacity over the last two years will also realize that he will not let this matter drop. I would suspect that his legal response is already formulated and ready to go.

If I were a member of this Committee or a council employee with an involvement with the Committee, I would be extremely perturbed by these events. Any judicial review will reveal flaws in the Council’s handling of the matter, its incompetence in the interpretation of the law, and more importantly, any plans or ideas it has for the land in question. With the involvement of a judge, with holding information will not be possible.


The Badger said...

Apologies Peter but I've been recovering from a bad bout of flu.

So is it true that Mr Gibson finally opened his opened his mouth yesterday after several weeks of tea picking? I’m told McCabe, Waggott and Spraggon relied on cue cards prepared by council officers to help them get through the meeting. This might explain Sylvia’s sudden brain surge. Rumour has it she even knew which day of the week it was.

PETER SHAW said...

After much deliberation, I have decided to let this one stand.

I am sure Mr Badger, you were well briefed in the member’s room when the meeting ended. That is after all where you have your “set” is it not?

As an honorary “Weasel”, perhaps you would enlighten us as to what was said in the “secret” session of the CLTVG Committee meeting. Being only common peasants we were ejected by the Lords and Lady’s whilst they deliberated what do to with our land. Or perhaps you already know what they intend to do with “our” land, and that’s the origins of all the secrecy.

Secret sessions, secret names and secret plans.

You never know though, leaks have a habit of appearing when you least expect them.