Monday, 14 January 2008


A couple of days ago I had a heated debate with a colleague of mine over the relevant merits of Jeremy Clarkson, he of “Top Gear” fame and at times, purveyor of right wing thoughts. I considered him a pretentious prat, my friend holds the view he is a breath of un-politically correct air!

Today I had a Sunday Time’s article thrust under my nose with the comment “read this commie”. Dated 30th December, Clarkson was responding to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s claims that unless we abandon our greed, we will be responsible for the death of the planet. Several paragraphs into the text and I had smiled a couple of times, raised an eye brow at least once, and sadly, laughed out load twice. Whilst nothing more than a rant against religion and green politics, Clarkson does have an endearing quality, that of saying what he thinks and to hell with the consequences – I can sympathise with that. He occupies the middle ground between being an enigma on one hand and Boris Johnson’s long lost but cleverer twin!

Below is the link to his December proclamation. I understand that most of his columns are phrased in a similar vein. Perhaps the country needs the likes of Jeremy Clarkson, but then again, perhaps we need a hole in the head!

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Bryan said...

“Read this commie.” That sounds a bit hard on you Peter!

If you want to find out where you really do fall on the political spectrum, follow the link from my web site. Wouldn’t it be good if we could persuade ALL the candidates in the forthcoming elections to reveal their HONEST political opinions?