Thursday, 24 January 2008

You dont need a shirt and tie to spot the truth

This afternoons Council EGM and full meeting have left me completely astounded, almost as perplexed as the post on Curlys Corner Shop. Was he at the same meeting? No mention of course of his beloved Conservative Councillors (minus their leader again), who voted with the Labour cohort on every important issue. As for the Liberals, they might as well cross the floor, their cut of the same cloth.

That only leaves the Independents and Progressives – the only voice of reason and the only opposition in this Borough. To comment on events now would be to down play what really happened, because to be honest, the real events of tonight came after the EGM.

Politics in South Tyneside is no longer the private club of the shirt and tie brigade of the Labour Party – it now belongs to the people. What those in the “know” don’t appreciate however, is that there is more to come.


Ahmed Khan said...

What happened earlier tonight has already made the Gazette's website. For further details check out:

I for one can’t wait to see how tonight’s historical events are reported in the local paper.

Curly said...

I'm sorry guys, but the behaviour that I witnessed today shocked me, and I've been involved in this game since the mid 1970's.

I've never witnessed such a torrid display from a group of supposedly non partisan public in my life. Devoid of good manners and intent upon disruption from the outset.

Heaven help us all if if a council meeting under Independent control descends to that quality again!

I dislike NuLabour as much as anyone but at least I recognise that they have every right to push through their programme, they have won their seats fair and square (perhaps with one exception) and have a mandate. The correct place to voice opinions is at the polling booths (assuming no ballot papers are lost.) The public's role at these meetings is ONLY to question, and ONLY those who have legitimately tabled questions should do so.

It is a democratic representative meeting of the Borough of South Tyneside, not an argument after six pints in the pub.

And Allen Branley should smarten himself up before attending.

Get a webcam in!

Anonymous said...

Cury is saying Allen Branley needs to smarten his self up. Did any one see him talking to the labour party members and candidates. He looked like A Soldier going to war with them pants on.

Doreen Ann said...

Isn’t that where you’ll find one or two labour councillors before the meeting starts. Did you notice the state of Eileen Leask as she staggered into the chamber? Even the Mayor elect looked as though he’d had a wee dram before entering the ‘bear pit’ as the self styled and egotistical ‘premier’ blogger known as Curly calls the chamber.
Do us all a favour and crawl back up the crevice of Mr WAGGGOTTT’s buttocks where you belong, at least until your pin up David Potts returns and gives you a quick flash of what he’s hiding under his kilt, sorry to disappoint you Curly but it almost certainly won’t be balls.