Wednesday, 9 January 2008


Those of you who follow this site will be aware that one of my pet hates is the amount of money this government wastes on failing IT programmes. Today’s Time’s adds another one to an already hefty list. The Labour government’s plans to monitor offenders more closely have crashed after ministers were forced to put the blocks on an IT programme which has doubled in cost to £512 million.

Known as C-Nomis, only the Prison Service will now receive a version of the programme. The Probation Service will not. This sounds a bit daft: a monitoring computer service for offenders, the Prison Service gets it when the offenders are in prison, but the Probation Service doesn’t when the offenders are out! Anyway, back to the figures. Initial costs were £244 million, but with a 15 fold increase, it is no longer viable.

A little bit like this government then!

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