Thursday, 10 January 2008


With the recent news of a stool pigeon in the Fellgate and Hedworth Ward, information has come to the fore that all may not be well in Primrose Ward. Rumour has it that the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats will not even field a candidate in May’s election. If correct, the Ward will be faced with a two horse race between the BNP and Labour. With dissatisfaction in the way Labour have managed the Borough, there is a good chance that the BNP will sneak in on either a low turn out, the “dissatisfied” vote or a combination of both.

Hopefully, somebody will come forward who is able to offer the Ward a credible alternative. If not, we may be faced with our first elected BNP councillor.

God forbid!

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The Badger said...

The problem here is that the main parties have adopted the ostrich syndrome. Put another way they just bury their heads in the sand and pray these nasty fascist scumbags disappear.
Some of us have been pushing the party to make a public statement condemning the BNP but the problem seems to be that many of the executive and party members drink with the very people they should condemn and are scared stiff that it will lose them votes. Primrose might prove the turning point if the BNP can win in so much as it might give the main parties the shock they need to jolt them into action. For the people of South Tyneside it will be a sad, sad day should that day ever come.