Monday, 21 January 2008

Am I Bovvered?

Not prepared to sign the European Lisbon Treaty in front of cameras, Gordon Brown is also not prepared to present himself in the House of Commons when the Treaty amendment is debated and voted on. Instead, he will be flying back from his Asia trip.

Browns avoidance of democratic accountability may have something to do with the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, who have said the Foreign Policy elements of the Treaty are unchanged from the EU Constitution rejected by French and Dutch voters, a previous treaty which Labour promised us a referendum.

At least when we finally realised that we have signed away another swathe of our rights to govern ourselves, Brown will be able to say “well, I never voted for it!”

Not so however, Bill Cash MP. As well known and longstanding opponent of all things Europe, Cash is chief signatory to a letter in today’s Times. Together with six other notable antics, Cash and Co make their point pretty well;

“The Labour Governments attempt to ram the Bill through Parliament without holding a national referendum is a direct attack on Parliamentary democracy. Not to hour the referendum…… to treat the people of this country like fools”.

Well said!

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