Monday, 28 January 2008

21 Days

Yesterday I outlined how I had received information that a particular Councillor had been arrested and was under investigation re allegations of domestic violence. Last night, I received another snippet outlining a Councillors links to wrong doings at the GMB, irregularities in the Council’s procurement process, sealed bid security issues and printing contracts. On top of all this, allegations of a police investigation and a secret internal enquiry were also made.

Trouble makers, tittle tattle, or am I being duped and set up? If somebody were to place some well directed and well worded Freedom of Information enquiries, then we would have an answer in about 21 days.

Now there’s an idea!

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Anonymous said...

A senior Labour Councillor was suspended and lost his seat, and was kicked out of the party for four years. Still to this day people are wondering how he got to become a Councillor again.
Who says crime dont pay.