Tuesday, 8 January 2008


Having decided to take a day of work, I followed up a couple of outstanding emails which have been posted through the Northern Herald letter box. A very interesting snippet of information comes from the Fellgate and Hedworth Ward. Apparently, the regions head “pigeon fancier” intends to put up a “stool pigeon” in the ward at the next local election. The actions of the head bird keeper is purely to split the independent vote and ensure said big bird remains king of the cree.

Very interesting!


Ahmed Khan said...

Are you suggesting yet another 'ringer'? Well it seems labour are developing a track record for this sort of thing.

Apparently there appears to be strong evidence which suggests that the 'second' independent in Beacon and Bents in last May’s election was in fact a labour party spoiler put up by the ‘quiz set’ that roosts in the watering holes on the Lawe Top.

In 2006 Horsley Hill was the target of the ‘ringer’ apparently he flew in from Fellgate with a ‘maggot’ hidden under his wing. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised by labour’s recent antics.

The difference this time however is that we’ve awarded a pest control contract to a company called Molebusters, based in Jarrow. Apparently they also specialise in pigeon eradication. I suppose Calf Close is as good a place as any to start!

Two down one to go said...

Yes it is quite true the remaining Labour Councillor is Sh***** himself, however it does not matter how low he stoops! Even the special one could not save him,
and i dont mean Mourinho.

Ahmed Khan said...

Andy, pandy pudding and pie looks like maggot's got sh*t in his eye!
Perhaps more apt would be something like 'come out, come out wherever you are'!
Sorry maggot it looks as though your master plan has been rumbled.