Thursday, 24 January 2008

Called to Ordure

It seems that South Tyneside Council Labour members are not the only second rate politicians who have cottoned on to the concept of the “planted question” (more of that later). “Called to Ordure” in the Private Eye has highlighted how Labour have succumbed to the old trick in order to give Gordon an easy ride. Not content with promoting this shoddy tactic in the House of Commons, Labour have also transferred it to the Lords as well. Lord Rooker, he of Jeff MP fame, tried to put forward the climate change bill in the upper House, his speech based on twaddle and propaganda. A certain Earl of Onslow (only awake on Tuesdays) realized that the “Rook” hadn’t a clue what he was talking about (Cabinet material still prevails). Here's how it went according to the Private Eye.

Re Rooker’s reply they said:

“See column 858 of the House of Lords Hansard, dated 9 January, for the full glory of a long spiel of meaningless, frantic bullshit by Rooker”.

Oh dear, Cabinet material definitely still prevails.

Perhaps Onslow had the day when he said “Hands up anybody who understood a single word of that?”

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