Monday, 7 January 2008


“Britons are embracing the Government’s “five-a-day” message as never before — that’s one cheeseburger, fries, a Coke, ice-cream, and, go on then, a portion of chicken nuggets.”

So says today’s Time’s, and it has the figures to back it up. Not content with generating enough rubbish to fill its own land fill site, McDonalds is also ensuring that it will keep the National Health Service busy with generations of Big Mac victims. Cigarettes, which are very bad for you, face heavy taxes which fund the NHS. McDonald’s fast foods, which aren’t really very good for you and can lead to health problems, are not taxed heavily. Some discrepancy there.

Perhaps rather than blame the public for not looking after itself, Brown should instead have a look at the multi million pound profit making food suppliers who continually target the young, less well off and vulnerable members of society.

Someday people are going to realize that sitting in a McDonalds, a Burger King or a KFC outlet on a daily basis with the kids is actually not conducive to a healthy lifestyle. By then however, McDonalds will also be supplying the hospital wards to, so it will be game over.

The futures bright, the futures big, and its got “fast food” plastered all over it!

90 million Big Macs sold in the UK each year

£54.3 million – operational profit for 2006, up 27% on 2005

£1.1 billion turnover in 2006

67,000 – Number of McDonalds staff in UK

3 min – how long it takes to cook French Fries

6% - expected rise in like for like sales to Jan 2008

Number of restaurants in UK
1977 – 10
1987 – 100
1997 – 750
2007 – 1200

24% - obesity levels of men and women in UK

£40 million – amount to be spent on makeovers for McDonalds 200 drive ins

119 – Countries McDonalds operates in around the world

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