Tuesday, 1 January 2008


The blogging community of South Tyneside is a pretty small circle, but it is an active one. Recent comments on Curlys Corner Shop site show that he receives visits from around the world. This site itself draws good traffic from America, so in our own little way we must be doing something right.

Centre of attention at the moment however, is the http://whiteleasandparkway.blogspot.com/ site, which has been subject to some strange goings on as off late. Certain posts have commanded up to 16 comments, figures which any self respecting blogger would be proud off. The recent activity over the BRENDA affair has also centred on the Whilteleas site, giving rise to “The Badger”, a poster who remains somewhat of an enigma. For the record it isn’t me; I have followed a well trodden path of always posting under my own name, together with scorn for those who don’t. If you have something to say, have the decency to put your own name to it. However, Mr Badger does seem to have information which can only come from the inner circle of the Council Chamber, a faculty I am reliably informed is termed either the “Saturday Club” or “Fountain Set”!. His posts are very specific and for some reason he appears to be very active at the moment (perhaps the Club is in recess for the holiday and he has a lot of spare time on his hands. It could even be the badger mating season and he is having trouble sleeping at night!).

This led me to trawl through various posts and comments on sites both here and on others, looking for any missed prose from the pen of said Mr Badger. Whilst not finding anything of note, I did come across a couple of posts (one recent and one older) on the http://whiteleasandparkway.blogspot.com/ site.

The first, dated 20th October covers the issue of an irate phone call to the writer of the post. It went like this:

I recently received a text on my mobile but prior to the text, I must also thank the person for ringing me with his constructive comments about this blog- which was made up of charming language which you wouldn't want your mother to hear!!!!!......

I won't name the person, thought I hope he has calmed down somewhat, plus he might get the heavies onto me if I mention him by name......Anyhow, I'm off to look for some interesting facts about this person for my silly site as he calls it

No further information appeared. The second relates to the “Do You Know Who I Am” comment dated 14th December, the day after a pretty robust full Council meeting and the morning after the traditional “office party”. All that’s left are the words:

Due to my phone going into overdrive and the ongoing complaining about this previous posting - I could take no more - I have deleted, for a while. Keep an eye out for my other comments. Today's deletion was a one off - It won't be happening again.

Clearly the post appeared then disappeared, but the promise was made that some version would return and future posts would not be deleted due to outside pressure. However, posts have changed and no further information has appeared.

So what’s the gripe? On the issue of the October post and telephone call, I don’t like the thought of people being intimidated into removing information. I suspect it was a regional political figure and I would like to know who it was. On the “Do You… “ post, the same applies. However, if any Councillor thinks they have the right to make demands and receive favours because of who he or she is, then we ALL need to know who it is. The post also says it will return to the issue. Nothing has appeared and we need to know why.

The BRENDA affair also has similarities, with posts being changed from one day to the next. I have covered this issue in depth over the last couple of days and at the moment there is nothing new to add. However, the “Badgers” activity coincides with the “Do You…” and aforementioned “tea lady” appearances on the site.

Clearly, the South Tyneside blogging world is faced with a mole who goes by the name of Badger. The Council chamber is already full of rats, with enough people toadying up to full time officers and prominent elected officials. So that’s them all present, the complete character list for Wind in the Willows, with Toad Hall clearly being the Town Hall. But toads can fall from grace and be evicted from the Hall, so who will be the next target for the Badger?


Ahmed Khan said...

Mr Shaw

Great post & what a way to start 2008!

Well it would seem that the Badger has created quite a stir & sent the 'weasels' running for cover.

I reckon whoever the Badger really is, he or she seems to have an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the local labour party, but is it the Shields or Jarrow branch? I strongly suspect that whoever the Badger is, he/she may well be orchestrating a ‘cull’ of all the dead wood & baggage currently associated with the party.

I just wonder whether this has got anything to do with the current leader of the council & the fact that he is more than likely going to lose his seat (unless he suddenly finds himself plugging a gap that someone else has had to vacate for ‘personal/health’ reasons at the last minute). Put another way, someone is forced out of a safe seat to accommodate the leader as he can’t afford (literally) to lose his seat.

Reading between the lines it would seem that Councillor Gibson may well be the first victim of the chief weasel’s plot’ (or is it ‘cull’) & I suspect that he is the first of a series of ‘victims’ that the weasel & his allies the stoats & foxes have in their sights!

Now what about this character ‘Toad’? I think I read somewhere that Toad is rich, jovial and friendly, but conceited, and tends to become obsessed about things, only to dismiss them later ... now I wonder who that could be!

Ahmed Khan said...

Apparently the Badger has been unmasked by a local blogger!

He reckons the Badger is in fact carrying out a "reccy" before facing his latest foe. Could this be the start of the general election campaign north of the border?

The Badger said...

What's up councillor Gibson cat got your tongue. Or ya gonna tell us that your computer is not working. never mind there is always a spare one in the town hall if you cant find it ask the tea lady.