Saturday, 1 December 2007


With Browns funding problems continuing, and the case of the missing Inland Revenue discs still commanding column inches, the Prime Minster would have been glad to find that The Times had managed to find something else to put on its front page.

According to MI5, the Chinese are mounting cyberspace attacks via the internet on banks, accountancy firms and legal concerns. Through the use of sophisticated hacking techniques, Chinese state organisations have been targeting leading UK companies via their own sites. A summary of MI5’s findings have been placed on…….. a government website which has restricted access. Now just a minute, if the Chinese have already managed to by pass internet defence systems, surely the last place we should be outlining the details is on a website?

It’s nice to know that the countries security is in the hands of people with such foresight!

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Billy Boy said...

We have a few like minded souls here in the US of A too Mr, Shaw, as my parents could tell you!