Thursday, 20 December 2007


3 in 4 parking fines challenged are eventually over turned (London Boroughs)

Southwick Council – lost 84% of 2256 cases heard by auditor. Failed to offer evidence in 6 out of 10 cases.

Londoners have a 75% chance of successfully appealing against a parking fine.

By contrast, Stockport Council issued 23000 tickets with no referrals to the adjudicator.

Leeds – 85% chance of overturning fine

Sandwell – 78% chance of overturning fine

Nottingham – 76% chance of overturning fine

2006 – 8 million tickets issued nationwide, £1.16 billion in revenue.

The research has been conducted by Which? Magazine, the consumer publication which has been reinvigorated the Freedom of Information Act. As the figures for South Tyneside are not mentioned, perhaps some erstwhile individual or eager local journalist would like to park a FoI enquiry on Irene Lucas’s desk?

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