Thursday, 13 December 2007


By all reports today’s full Council Meeting was a grand affair. Highlights of the meeting include the fact that Councillors, under “Rule 8”, want to set a time limit of 20 minutes for public questioning. What sort of democracy sets a time limit for the public having their say? Russia, Pakistan, Korea – no, South Tyneside!

Follow the Gazette for a full report.

However, what you might not hear about in print is the Mayor’s unrecognised talent of “seeing the future”. Referring to Ahmed Khan as “Councillor Khan” may in fact be a reference to the regional election next year! ….or it may be a result of the police investigation in to certain ballot irregularities? Who knows, but the public should be told!

Bearing in mind the public were actually at the meeting in their droves, perhaps the Mayor should clarify the circumstances behind her gaff!

Full report from the public gallery to follow

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