Monday, 17 December 2007


Revenue discs lost, DVLA discs lost, banking trust lost (Northern Rock), and now, budget omissions. Outlined just last month, the creation of 3 “Titan” prisons was put forward as the only way to ease prison crowding. What Brown and Co failed to mention was that they had failed to budget for the £1.2 billion cost.

Embroiled in an argument murkier than a stagnant pond, Jack Straw is accused of misleading the public about the actual costs of building the prisons. For a full account, see today’s Times article outlined by the link below.

However, remember Labour’s strategy of announcing “new spending”, when it already had been outlined the year before. Then reverse it, and take away the spending equation, add 7, divide by your favourite colour, add your pets name, minus your grandmothers name before she was married, divide by the initials of your favourite pop group, multiply by your neighbours cats age, and you finally have the amount the government have decided to spend on the new prisons.

Simple as that!

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