Wednesday, 5 December 2007


So goes the old saying, but know we have the answer; its £1 million according to BBC.

With all the problems of TV and radio phone in swindles, dodgy documentaries about the Queen and cats with wrong names, the BBC has introduced training courses where staff will learn how to tell the truth. 17,000 employees will be invited to discuss where the line should be drawn between artifice and deception.

Sadly, these people are trained journalists and media educated professionals; if they don’t know the truth by now, then spending £1 million of the public’s money to jog their memories is a complete waste of money.

This issue is about accountability and standards in public life, and one half days seminar is not going to be able to reintroduce these essential elements back into the BBC’s ethos.

The BBC’s problems are rooted in its management structure, with far too many Labour government cronies occupying positions of control. Root them out first, and allow the corporation to rediscover its independent roots. Once this has been established, you may find that’s its dignity follows closely behind.

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