Wednesday, 19 December 2007


I have never been one for yearly news reviews, though I do make an effort to watch BBC 2’s “Newsnight” take on the past 12 months. With planned coverage cuts, perhaps we have seen the last of this.

However, 2007 has without doubt, been a year of changing fortunes. The departure of Blair was of great significance, and Browns disastrous first period in office will possibly begin the final furlong for Labour as it canters towards defeat.

Regionally, the political year has been dominated by the last couple of months. The “Case of the Missing Ballot Boxes”, the Tavistock development and the ongoing clamour to finally hold our councillors and council to account have all surfaced within the last ¼ of the calendar, and guarantee to continue well into the New Year.

On a personal note, I moved, changed jobs and embarked on a new career that was never envisaged. I also became an uncle for the first time, something which outranks all of the above (trust me, it is as good as being a parent but without the financial burden!). I have also made new friends, relationships which I am sure will stand the test of time.

A strange year then, but a rewarding one.

So what of 2008? To be honest, I think I will leave that to the bookies. Something’s however, will never change. Now where’s that Freedom of Information enquiry on what councillors can legitimately get up to with their old Blackberry packages?

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