Sunday, 9 December 2007


Whilst viewing the Times under the impression that posting was futile. I came across an article that that informed the public that the plans to build a congestion relieving tunnel along side Stonehenge was to expensive, leading to the possibility that area may be placed on a list of United Nations world endangered heritage sites ( to much traffic and vibrations etc). Despite the Government spending more than £23 million looking at the problem, the envisaged £540 million tunnel is considered an expense too far, and so it should be. Who would want to spend that amount of money!

However, Stonehenge was created by a society that had no budget, no planning committee restrictions, and no regional municipal councils. It dragged stones hundreds of miles without cranes, motorways or transporters. It lifted the stones without cranes, dug holes without diggers, positioned them without GPS, and waited for a year for the sun to rise and shine exactly through the arches created by their own free hands.

And yet we cannot find a solution to the traffic issues!

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