Tuesday, 11 December 2007


Once again over at the Corner Shop, the “Councillor Potts Love In (CPLI)” continues. This time it’s cancer treatments and the disparity between regions. I shall return to the figures and arguments highlighted over the next few weeks, once full regional and national enquiries have been made (21 days re FoI)

How can you base a press/blog statement on such a rough shod analysis of figures? Whilst Councillor Potts may have knowledge of the law, he has none of statistics. The Badger will make mince meat of him!

The councillor's inadequate argument on funding discrepancies is merely a sound bite and nothing more.

This Borough’s health care provider’s address cancer issues with the best of their abilities, regardless of political controls or restrictions. They offer a humane service, devoid of spin.

It’s a pity we all don’t abide by these rules, and alternatively seek cheap political press coverage at the expense of the NHS. God forbid that this sort of analytical garbage takes control of our health providers.

If it does, as the Scots would say, “were all doomed!”


Billy Boy said...

You've got a stupid personal problem with this man matey and its coloring your judgement. You need to get a life and worry about why the NHS wont spend as much on you as it would if you lived in scotland or somewhere els.

The Badger said...

Billy Boy!

Can you send me details of how I too can become a member of the Pottsy Fan Club?