Sunday, 23 December 2007


Hopefully those of us who have family outside the region will have posted our presents weeks ago because if today’s Sunday Times is anything to go by, they might not arrive in time. According to their front page, the problems stack up like this:

1. 2 million parcels or letters are lost or delayed in the Xmas post
2. Postal workers are over whelmed by the £10 billion boom in internet sales
3. Postal workers are so over stretched they are putting “you were out” cards through doors without even attempting to deliver parcels etc.
4. People have been forced to queue for hours at collection centres
5. Work loads have increased 20% on last year’s figures.

Postwatch, the independent watchdog, has contacted Adam Crozier, chief executive of Royal Mail, demanded that the recorded delivery service is either improved or scrapped due to postal workers failure to obtain receipt signatures, even though customers have paid for this service.

Could this be the same Adam Crozier who in November received the following remuneration package:

1. A 26% pay rise
2. Package total of £1.25 million
3. A performance bonus of £469,000
4. A pensions bonus of £158,000
5. A pay increase ten times the amount he gave other staff.

This was despite the following facts:

1. Royal Mail has just faced the worst strike for 20 years.
2. A back log of 200 million letters and parcels.
3. The loss of 45,000 jobs
4. Closure of 4500 post offices
5. 2500 further closures to follow
6. Despite a virtual monopoly, Royal Mail has experienced a 33% drop in profits.

(The Northern Herald first covered this issue on 1st November).

Unfortunately it is the same Adam Crozier, a man whose own lack of dignity allowed him to take the money without any degree of acceptance that at the end of the day he had done a bad job! Instead he blames the Royal Mails problems on staff and the unions.

Luckily, Santa doesn’t use the Royal Mail to deliver his presents. If he did, Christmas would be in March!


Anonymous said...

thanks for putting this up especially the bit about Crozier blaming the union & his staff , everyones to blame bar him ! from forum users who are sick of his senior manager's constant misinformation propaganda

gillian ford said...

thanks for publishing that -we couldn't agree more ,we're sick of spin , deceitfulness, hype + misinformation from him, his Chairman , his Board , Senior & Area Management from a forum user

PETER SHAW said...

No problem> I have many friends who work for the Royal Mail. The rot begins and the top and stops at the top. Staff have been overwhelmed with the upsurge in on line Xmas orders. How could a man who is supposedly is clever enough to command a £1 million plus salary not see this coming? Because he is not upto the job. Promote from within, somebody who knows the job, who knows the issues and who knows the stress staff are palced under. When you do this, Royal Mail will once again be a world leader.

Geezer said...

Nice to see people are finally realizing that RM's problems stem not from the workers (posties) but
from the incompetents of RM senior,Middle and lower management.
These managers have no loyalty to the customer only to big business,all at the expense,inconvenience and utter contempt of the customer to whom they
are providing a so called PUBLIC SERVICE for.These same managers rule by fear,treating their own workforce with threats and conduct codes which remind many of the tactics used in the middle ages during the witch hunts (if you drowned you not guilty - If you float your a witch and get burned at the stake)
Under Crozier the cost of posting will keep going up and the service down in a spiral that in the end, will lead to RM being broken up and sold off to the same big businesses that it is pandering to now.Postcom and Postwatch have a big part to play in this as well, forcing RM into the uncompetitive practice of delivering the competitors mail at a loss and in so doing subsidising private companies with public money,so if you don't wont to collect your own post in five to ten years time at a very expensive price you had better start fighting to save it now before its gone.