Sunday, 9 December 2007


An article in today’s Gazette reveals that Mr Ahmed Khan has been interviewed by the police in the “Case of the Missing Ballot Boxes”. The police team will be headed by Chief Superintendent Mark Dennet, an Area Commander for South Tyneside Area HQ.

With his endeavours to reveal the truth thwarted at the civil courts due to legal technicalities, Mr Khan hopes that the criminal system will uncover what really happened in May 2007.

Whilst the issue is currently a criminal matter, it must be remembered that Mr Khan is the innocent party in this scenario. South Tyneside Council election officials, as legal custodians of the boxes, are the body who have misplaced the disputed votes.

With a “porter” currently earmarked as the scapegoat, at least the police will allow him to put his side of the story to a legally constituted body. However, as I understand it, his recollections differ slightly from the Councils!

Always one to engage in a reasonable conversation and debate, I rang Mr Khan and asked him for an update on the days proceedings. After a 4 ½ hour constructive interview, the police covered all issues and will return to interview Mr Khan in the very near future.

With over 4 hours of conversation, the police are clearly not paying lip service to Mr Khan, or indeed, the Council. This is now clearly a very serious matter, and as things stand, it is an ongoing issue. If I were an involved Council employee, I would be worried. Very worried!

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