Monday, 31 December 2007


Just when you thought things couldn’t get more intriguing, they do!

A further two submissions haves been received from “The Badger”, and due to their content, I am going to attach it to this post, as well as in the comments section.

To be honest, I am starting to get a bit disillusioned. Whilst I would never consider ourselves to be political allies, I have always thought favourably of the site: at least they were updating their ward members as to their actions. However, the rewording or removal of texts and the situation surrounding the “Do You Know Who I Am” post have soured this view. The BRENDA affair plus the corresponding denials have also tainted my outlook. The question must now be asked – what really is going on and who knows the truth?

“The Badger” (I still don’t like the monocle) has to his credit brought this issue to the forefront. All recognition to his attention to detail; he has proved his point quite admirably.

A plethora of unanswered questions now lie on the table. The sooner they are answered, the sooner all these matters can be drawn to a conclusion. If not, the New Year is going to see these issues debated in the provisional press. Whilst I have nothing to loose, somebody, somewhere, will be named and shamed.

My advice? Avoid this outcome. State your case now before it is too late!

1st comment

Well it seems Mr Gibson is not the honest and open person he would have us believe.Immediately after posting this (18.30hrs) I asked the same questions over on the ‘'Now You See It, Now You Don't Blog' sorry I mean ‘Working for Whiteleas and Parkway Blog’. It obviously created quite a stir or was it a bit too near the truth for Mr Gibson’s liking. So how did Mr Gibson react? Well he didn’t publish the post which confirms my theory that he only publishes posts that suit the tiny little world he inhabits like the one he published almost 2 hrs later.He clearly he refuses to answer the questions posed (see them above). This surely makes a mockery of his statement about being honest and open. Above all it leaves a huge question mark over his integrity and indeed his fitness to hold public office.He doesn’t deny meeting the Chief Executive although he did in his original post before he removed it probably because someone told him to do so or pointed that the Chief Executive would not be party to his little scam and would certainly not lie about any meeting should she be asked.It would seem Mr Gibson is now an extremely worried man, so much so that he has disabled the comments link thereby denying the public the right to make comment and added the following post: I have made my stance very clear on this matter. As far as I am concerned the matter on this blog is now closed. There are far more important things to discuss - like taking our borough forward.Perhaps he really means that he’s finding it a little too hot making all those cups of tea. Never mind once the real Brenda has been revealed to the public he may well find he’s got a lot more time on his hands than he bargained for, although I wonder how much demand there is for a ‘tea lady’ out in the real world. Still one can always moonlight in the double glazing industry.

2nd Comment


I thought your many readers might want to see what really happened when Mr Gibson felt the heat in the tearoom.

The first two paragraphs below are from the original post and have been retained in his additional edits.

I know the Gazette has ran a follow up on the "Brenda" story. Subsequent comments have been left on this blog, making a number of allegations as to who "Brenda" really is.

I know certain people have been lead to believe that I left the comments on Curly's Blog. Let me state here and now, that I have never typed anything about any former Labour Party Members on Curly's Blog. Frankly, I couldn't care less about internal politics else where in the town - as long as the people of Whiteleas and Parkway get a good deal - what happens in other parts of the town whether political or non political is for others to resolve. I certainly have no desire to write about such things on someone elses blog.

The paragraph below was in the original post and then suddenly it disappeared. I wonder if it was on someone’s ‘duff’ advice?


This paragraph was then inserted into the third version of the post almost two days after the original post. I wonder if this new advice came from a certain Mr Scott to counteract the previous ‘duff’ advice?I CAN'T BE ANY CLEARER. I HAVE HAD NO DISCUSSIONS ABOUT THIS MATTER WITH THE LEADERSHIP OF THE COUNCIL OR WITH ANY OFFICER OF THE COUNCIL. OTHERS CAN IMPLY WHAT THEY LIKE, (BLOGGERS, OPPOSITION COUNCILLORS ETC).

This paragraph appears in all versions.

I also understand that a number of other comments are being passed around. I say to those who are spreading these - say them to my face rather than behind my back. Honesty is the best policy.

This paragraph was also added at a later stage re-iterating Mr Gibson’s honesty, strange then that he keeps changing his mind.

Note the final words in the last line - honesty is the best policy. I have been honest and open (at times to honest!). Now it is up to someone else to be honest and open.

Below is a final addition to the post, all I can say is the kettle must by now be boiling over.

ADDED UPDATE- I have made my stance very clear on this matter. As far as I am concerned the matter on this blog is now closed. There are far more important things to discuss - like taking our borough forward.

Hmm the whole episode brings a new meaning to the phrase ‘shooting yourself in the foot’, mind you there are many in the labour party that think Mr Gibson is a loose cannon and would love to see the back of him. I’ve heard that Ringtons Tea are looking for staff.


Bryan said...

Happy New Year Peter

Anonymous said...

This intrigue is all rather entertaining, Happy New Year!

David Baker said...

Curly said...
I find it strange that our newspapers are prepared to fill their columns with such idle tittle tattle, are we short of real hard news?

Saturday, December 29, 2007 5:31:00 PM

curly15 said...
This intrigue is all rather entertaining, Happy New Year!

I wouldn't start crowing just yet, pal, you're just as legally liable as 'Brenda'.

Jimmy said...

Brenda can you tell me if Curly Wurly's go well with tea or are they better with a pint and a game of snooker.