Monday, 17 December 2007


When Tommy Sheridan emerged all those months ago on the court steps to proclaim his victory against the News Of The World, I had a sneaky feeling that the matter was not totally over. His arrest yesterday and following charges of perjury then come as no surprise. What is strange is that the details of the charges to date have not been outlined by these mornings’ papers.

I have always found Sheridan an enigma: his patent leather shoes, designer clothes and media hyped life style never did fit to comfortably alongside the socialist monocle of “man of the people”. George Galloway similarly causes me equal dilemmas. He always offers a coherent argument; he is a tremendous public speaker and he has excellent political analysis: yet his behaviour on Celebrity Big Brother did him no favours.

As the original of “Champagne Socialist”, Sheridan has done his cause no good at all. Galloway also remains impotent, alone in a disgruntled Party and without any political friends. Sadly, they cast an unwanted shadow over those who remain behind, many of whom are decent and committed political campaigners.

Perhaps it is time for these people to step aside, retire and enjoy their life in their Georgian Mansion Dachas.

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