Sunday, 16 December 2007


Last Friday and Saturday saw problems with internet access, the issue repeating itself on corresponding days this week. Assuming that heavy internet Xmas shopping traffic was once again the culprit, I was enlightened to the real reason whilst ploughing through a batch of unopened “mail shot” correspondence. Tucked in between a letter from Argos telling me why I should have one of their store cards and a similar pack of lies from Tesco, I found an advice from my broad band suppler informing me that due to technical upgrades some areas may experience connection problems on the days I outlined. So there you have it: open your post on the day you get it and don’t make assumptions that the British public are to lazy to go out shopping any more!

But why do it on weekends? It’s just like road works at peak traffic times: it’s just stupid! Never mind, I have other issues to take up my time, and here are the ones you missed.

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