Wednesday, 5 December 2007


£950 – Donation illegally received by Scottish Labour leader Wendy Alexander from businessman based in Jersey who cannot vote in the UK

£37,000,000 – donations legally received by Conservative party from Michael Ashcroft, a businessman based in Belize who can vote in the UK

£2.5 billion – amount overpaid in tax credits by HMRC in 2003/2004
£2.5 billion – amount lost to carousel fraud by HMRC in 2005/2006
25 million – number of people whose personal details were lost by HMRC in 2007-12-05

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biggles said...

The £2.5 billion lost to Carousel Fraud has been recovered by HMRC by illegally putting a blanket ban on VAT repayments to all Traders in the Mobile phone Industry.for the last 18 months . Many Companies have had to close as the average sum owed by HMRC seems to be £1million per company and many of the larger companies are owed multi million pound sums. Our Government can do what it pleases and no one says a word.