Saturday, 22 December 2007


Though perhaps a little slow to highlight the issue, today’s Guardian covers the split in the BNP. With allegations of theft, bugging devices, money laundering and illegal house entries, the party is in meltdown. Police have been handed documents which suggest the law has been broken in Nottinghamshire and London, with enquiries into the issues progressing.

Showing astounding levels of imagination and creativity not seen within far right politics, many BNP organisers have resigned and are now calling themselves the “Real BNP”. How many hours must they have spent brainstorming to arrive at this name!

Hopefully, this schism will negate the party’s ability to field candidates at the next local elections.

As a foot note and an unrelated aside, Labour MP Jon Cruddas, has been a dedicated force in exposing the BNP’s illegal activities, passing information onto the police authorities. However, he said in the Commons this week that the BNP party was;

“Engulfed in a political crisis that threatened to tear it apart. This is not the behaviour of a legitimate political party and I hope to see police and the Electoral Commission investigate these charges”.

This sound bite has an air of the “Abrahams” about it. Not only does Labour rehash policies, but they have reusable speeches as well. Recycling to the extreme I say!

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Michael said...

I wonder how they'll pin this one on asylum seekers...they are the party of law and order, after all.