Saturday, 22 December 2007


Today’s Gazette carries the story of a new Lidl store which has opened in Laygate. Local Simonside and Rekendyke ward councillors, Ed Malcolm, Michael Clare and Joan Meeks, are quoted as saying they are “delighted at the arrival”.

I suspect that local traders in the surrounding areas are less than “delighted” to see the arrival of a cut price international store chain. I wonder if councillors actually bothered to speak to them for their views? I suspect not.


Michael said...

And a cut price international chain less than 3 minutes' drive from two other cut price international chains (including another Lidl on Boldon Lane).

Here's to diversity, eh?

David Murphy said...

Lidl are a joke, the stores are a mess with poor quality unrecognisable products piled high. They treat their staff like dirt. You should have a look at 'the black book' - they are notorious on the continent.

David Murphy said...

Lidl are a pile of crap and I should know I work in the property department for them.