Thursday, 27 December 2007


An early date for your political regional diary could well be the “Common Land, Town and Village Green Committee which will meet to discuss Mr Ahmed Khan’s application to have certain areas of land classified as such to protect them from future developments.

The Council’s own web site describes the Committee as such:

“This Committee has been set up specifically to deal with any applications received for registration of areas of land as common land, town or village green.”

Well, you couldn’t get any clearer than that. However, I can find no reference for it ever having met before. With a built in Labour member strength of 73% and with no precedents to base any decisions on, this could be a foregone conclusion. However, there is an under lying legal spat on the validity of public signs erected by the Council claiming ownership of certain areas of land under discussion. This alone could throw a very large spanner in the works, and end up being a little bit embarrassing to the Borough’s officials if their actions have been found to be, well, illegal!

The Committee will meet on 9th January in the main Council chamber, with the gallery open to the public. I shall be there, though without any grazing sheep: I have willingly foregone my peasant rights to let them roam where they see fit.

Mind you, if the application fails………

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Ahmed Khan said...

The meeting will start at around 4pm immediatley after the Cabinet Meeting which should be an interesting affair in itself!