Saturday, 22 December 2007


Previous posts on this site have highlighted the web blog “Our community –Your Voice – Working For Whiteleas and Parkway” ( The site is run by local Labour ward councillors Ernest Gibson and Bill Brady. Whilst we will never be political bed fellows, I have always given them credit for setting up the blog and letting people know what they do in their efforts to represent their community. Other councillors could do worse than follow their lead.

Intriguingly however, a very strange post appeared/disappeared over the last few days (Do you know who I am?) with even more perturbing comments attached to its “space”. Reading between the lines, a local councillor has made a fool of him or herself whilst “out and about” the towns watering holes. The culprits identity has been removed, no doubt to protect the guilty party. However, some very strange and cryptic posts have appeared which point to a certain individual. Who will be the first to name and shame this arrogant Councillor?

Could it be true? Is it him? Perhaps we should be told?

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