Friday, 28 December 2007


The Gazette has recently resurrected the BRENDA affair with the news that South Tyneside Council Chief Executive Irene Lucas knows the identity of the incumbent, but has yet to decide what to do with the information.

As it stands, she has three scenarios:

1. Stick to the Data Protection Act i.e. no names.

2. Release the information “in the public interest” i.e. a name

3. Encourage the guilty party to name and shame him/her self

What ever the outcome, the issue is clearly not going to go away. If the guilty party refuses to come clean, and is named by other means, then any presiding litigation judge is going to come down heavily on the failure to do the “honest thing”. My advice would be to come clean, issue a public retraction with a full apology and hope it is accepted.

If an escape exit does exist, this is the only way out!

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