Monday, 10 December 2007

OVER THE ROAD.....................

Over the road at Curly’s Corner Shop, things seem a little ruffled. A post placed today airs his views on Christmas, multi ethnic Britain and the bizarre view that traditional Christmas celebrations are under threat. In his own words “the great hypocrisy is that the very people who wish to see the end of “Merry Christmas” and nativity plays in schools will no doubt be erecting Christmas trees in their own homes.”

Whilst his death knell for the tree and nativity play is alarmist, let him have his say and we will all make our minds up.

It’s the next two sections which prove strange. Firstly, an attack on Joan Atkinson, who will probably be the Labour candidate for East Boldon and Cleadon Ward. Joan is initially referred to as “Lewis’ mam”, a previous Labour candidate in the Ward. Poor old mother Atkinson, does she not have an identity of her own! Moving on, Joan is tainted with the “hypocrisy” brush because she has set up a petition calling for a Christmas tree for East Boldon, sighting the fact that the current Conservative Councillors have failed to acquire one from the Council. I must admit, I feel sorry for the “Gang of Three”; the ward is hated by the Labour hierarchy because it has the audacity to elect three Conservative Councillors. However, that’s democracy, and to be honest, the result is repeated year after year. However, Joan is only engaging in the oldest political game in the book, that of taking on her opponent at every opportunity. And who should her opponent be…..Councillor David Potts, who we all assume will seek re-election next year. Perhaps the tree is only camouflage, and the real issue is the oncoming election.

The second onslaught is directed against “Rossinisbird”, a fellow regional blogger who covers many issues, but as a member of the Green Party tends sticks to all things environmental. Poor old Rossinisbird is lambasted for his views on religion, blasphemy laws and his own Christmas tree! Again I’m perturbed by the vitriol! Have the Bird and the Man in the Corner Shop fallen out? A quick perusal of comments reveals nothing, and Rossinisbird’s own site only reveals recent posts attacking the BNP etc. Oh dear, not much Christmas spirit in evidence here.

Never mind, this post will no doubt draw a few comments, and I may even find myself on “hypocrisy” island with no mates. Looking back at previous posts and comments, I’m obviously been targeted for such a trip anyway. Anyway, as an atheist, I will be decorating my tree tonight. For me it signifies the coming together of family members, many of whom have religious convictions. However, they take what they want from the period, as I do in my own way. We sit side by side at the same table and enjoy the festivities in equal measure.


Oh dear, I think Rossininsbird has just issued a reply

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