Wednesday, 19 December 2007


The issue of the stability of the regions beautiful sea front has been raised once again in tonight’s Gazette. Ahmed Khan, prospective candidate for the Beacon and Bents Ward, recently filed papers to protect the Lawe Top area from development. The Council responded by placing notices stating that they own the land and that we use it at their behest. With Mr Khan’s application now before the Council, it will decide whether to consider the registration of the land as a town or village green.

So what are we actually witnessing here? Let’s look at the facts. Mr Khan tries to protect the land from further development, the Council respond by placing nearly £900 worth of public notices stating that they own the land and we can only use it because they allow us to.

It doesn’t take a village idiot (on the green or not) to realize that the Council clearly have plans for these tracts of land, and Mr Khan is therefore getting in their way. They weren’t expecting their timetable to be challenged by the village green application, and have responded in an aggressive manor, not unlike a country land owner who has begun to take steps to keep the peasants (sorry, public) of his land!

The next stage of this battle will be the decision on the application. That’s when the Councils true intentions will be acknowledged!

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